Weight Loss

InShapeMD® features the Countdown Diet™, our phenomenally successful physician-supervised weight loss program, based on 40 years of medical research by Dr. Simeons.  These protocols are combined with a protein-rich, calorie-controlled diet to achieve weight loss by metabolizing stored fat, producing incredibly dramatic results…

Hormone Replacement

As we age hormone levels decline significantly each year, causing symptoms such as low libido, decreased energy, unexplained weight gain, difficulty losing weight, additional weight in the mid-section, anxiety, depression, irritability and even a lowered sense of well-being.


Featuring dietary supplements and energy-boosting products designed to promote the lifestyle you are seeking. InShapeMD offers a full line of exceptionally high-quality nutraceuticals created to compliment our wellness plans and enhance the new you. Ask your wellness consultant or physician which ones are right for you!


CJC 1295/Ipamorelin has the incredible ability to increase your growth hormone levels, regulate fat metabolism, stimulate the breakdown of fat, improve lean muscle and promote a leaner body. These 2 Peptides work best together helping us slow down the hands of time.