What is LIvingFit Forever?

Change doesn't happen by chance!

The current situation you are in has been greatly determined by your past actions, habits, and decisions. By making small changes and investing in yourself in positive ways today, you will ultimately be creating a brighter future for yourself. With the LivingFit Forever platform, you will be rewarded for taking simple steps each day.


 As a part of this program, our medically trained staff will develop goals specific to your desired level of success and coach you through accomplishing these goals. This focus on coaching and habit modification is sure to springboard you toward LivingFit Forever!



Program Benefits

  • Private 1 on 1 weekly coaching sessions to discuss your habits, roadblocks, and progress towards your weight loss goals
  • Daily motivational text messages, support and encouragement to help you remain accountable
  • Program guide completed with nutritional guidelines, fitness routines, and behavior modifications
  • The Habit Trainer Journal to help track, change and create new habits
  • Weekly weigh-ins and vitals conducted by our medical staff
  • Fat burners and energy boos shots each week
  • Private and exculsive support groups
  • Fitness app complete with in-home training routines and exercise library

Are you ready to change your habits and change your life forever?