Chattanooga In Shape offers BHRT for anti-aging efforts for women. Your mid-thirties may seem ridiculously early to have to think about perimenopause, but the fact is that lower hormones may show themselves earlier than you would think. Perimenopause can last up to ten years and can make life difficult for many reasons.

Lower Hormones levels can cause symptoms including:

  • lack of sexual desire (say it ain’t so!)
  • weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass
  • irritability, (seriously, don’t tell me that is a symptom!)
  • depression
  • sluggishness
  • poor sleep patterns
  • insomnia
  • night sweats
  • mood swings (are you looking at me?)
  • lowered sense of well-being

Many of us will recognize some of these symptoms as monthly visitors but the thought of them staying around for weeks, months or years just isn’t acceptable.


It’s A Balance

Every woman knows that in the rolling in and out of the hormonal tide, there is that perfect balance, those days when you feel great, energetic, happy, and not a moody crank who can eat everything she sees. BHRT can help you find that balance and better yet, maintain it.


Estrogen and Progesterone

  • Too little progesterone can lead to anxiety, depression, low libido, osteoporosis and weight gain.
  • Too little estrogen can lead to elevated blood pressure, vaginal dryness, low energy, decreased energy and an increase in belly fat.


Chattanooga In Shape can give you a full hormone panel, have our experts figure out what hormones are dipping and then can help you find the balance that makes you feel vital, full of energy and that will help slow the aging process.


We offer hormone treatments for women that aid in anti-aging efforts. Feel better, more energetic when your hormones are properly balanced. Call today!